Falcon 6/300R – Adaptors & Accessories

Adaptors for use with 750ml Sealed Buckets and Rotor MSB43124–7080 (3,600 rpm)

Cat. No. Adaptor Colour Rotor Capacity Max. Dia. Min. Length Max. Length Max. RCF
MSB43155–1322 37 x 5ml Blood Tube Blue 148 12.0mm 117mm 48mm 2,823 xg
MSB43155–1335 28 x 7mlBlood Tube Orange 112 13.0mm 117mm 48mm 2,823 xg
MSB43155–134A 19 x 15ml Blood Tube Green 76 17.0mm 123mm 73mm 2,898 xg
MSB43155–1354 5 x 50ml Universal Tube Red 20 32.0mm 126mm 77mm 2,958 xg
MSB43155–1369 7 x 30ml Flat Bottom Tube Yellow 28 29mm 117mm 67mm 2,823 xg
MSB43155–152 6 x 50ml Falcon Beige 24 30.5mm 126mm 77mm 2,958 xg
MSB43155–153 12 x 15ml Falcon Maroon 48 17.0mm 123mm 74mm 2,898 xg
MSB43551-103A4 200ml PP Bottle White 4 60mm 127mm   2,958 xg
MSB43551-11414 300ml PP Bottle White 4 70mm 130mm   2,958 xg
MSB43551–124A 750ml PP Bottle White 4 98.0mm 152mm   2,958 xg

Rotors and Associated Buckets/Microplate Carriers (Non–Refrigerated)

Cat. No. Description Buckets for Rotor. Microplate Carriers Buckets for 250ml Conical Bottles
MSB43124–1298 750ml Non–Windshield Rotor
Max. Speed 2,500 rpm (1,317/1,401 xg)
Set of 4 x 750ml Sealed Buckets
Set of 4 Microplate Carriers. Holds 3 Plates per Carrier. Max.Speed 2,500 rpm (1,329 xg)
Set of 4 Buckets for 250ml Conical Tissue Culture Bottles. Max.Speed 2,500 rpm (1,450 xg

Angle Rotors

Rotor Bucket Adaptor Rotor Capacity Max. Dia Max. Length Max. RCF
(6 Place Universal)
(Bucket, S/Steel, 100ml)
5ml Blood Tube
20 x 5ml 12mm 95mm 5,524 xg
7ml Blood Tube
16 x 7ml 13mm 95mm 5,524 xg
10ml Flat Bottom Tube
8 x 10ml 16.5mm 100mm 5,524 xg
15ml Falcon tube
6 x 15ml 16.5mm 106mm 5,524 xg
30ml Universal Tube
6 x 30ml 30mm 106mm 5,524 xg
50ml Round Bottom Tube
6 x 50ml 30mm 115mm 5,524 xg
50ml Falcon Tube
6 x 50ml 29.5mm 115mm 5,524 xg
100ml Round Bottom Tube
6 x 100ml 41mm 120mm 5,524 xg

(16 Place Universal)

Not Required Not Required  16 x 50ml 29mm   110mm 5,920 xg 
15ml Blood Tube Adaptor
16 x 15ml   17.5mm  110mm 5,720 xg 

(8 Place Sealed Rotor)


(Sealed bucket, Aluminium)

30ml Universal Tube Adaptor
 8 x 30ml  25mm 940mm   5,635 xg
50ml Conical Tube Adaptor
 8 x 50ml  29mm 120mm   5,635 xg

Ordering Information

Model Description
MSB300.CX3.5 Falcon 6/300 220–230V 50Hz
MSB300.CX3.1 Falcon 6/300 120V 60Hz
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