Blue Force 12L R – Adaptors & Accessories


Cat. No. Blood Bag Adaptor Rotor Capacity Max. RPM Max. RCF
MSF43255–000 Adaptors for Quadruple/Quintuple/Sextuple Blood Bags 12 x Quadruple/Quintuple/Sextuple Blood Bags 4,700 7,630 xg
MSF43255–001 Adaptors for Double/Triple Blood Bags 12 x Double/Triple Blood Bags 4,700 7,630 xg
MSF43255–002 Adaptors for Single Blood Bags 12 x Single Blood Bags 4,700 7,630 xg

Ordering Information

Model Description
MSF120.CR2.K Blue Force 12L R refrigerated blood bank centrifuge

(360V-415V, 32 Amp, 3 phase + N, 50/60Hz)

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