Blue Force 12L R

Large capacity, refrigerated floor standing centrifuge with refrigeration

The Blue Force 12L R is a large capacity, refrigerated floor standing centrifuge ideally suited to blood bank applications. Designed to spin a variety of blood bags, the Blue Force 12L R is the perfect addition to your laboratory.

The Blue Force12L R has been developed with the end user in mind and MSE have worked closely with experienced laboratory managers from the UK’s leading National Health Service (NHS) blood banks. The Blue Force 12L R uses the latest, 21st century technology in combination with an innovative, easy-to-use touch screen.

Save money, save the environment

Whilst performance and quality are important when choosing a centrifuge, running costs are also a significant factor. The MSE Blue Force 12L R uses, on average, approximately 35% less power than its nearest competitor. This translates to a saving of almost £1000 GBP per centrifuge, per year*. This is good news for the environment and good news for your energy bills too.

In addition to this, the Blue Force 12L R generates much less heat than other blood bank centrifuges meaning that you reduce the use of costly air conditioning units.

Tomorrow’s technology…Today

The Blue Force12L R uses the latest Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) technology, developed in conjunction with Omron Industrial Automation, which means obsolete electronic spare parts become a thing of the past. Any future changes can be made by simply updating the software program of your centrifuge.

Furthermore, the Blue Force 12L R uses a full colour, easy-to-use touch screen interface which can be operated with or without surgical gloves. The touch screen is fully customisable with users being able to request as many, or as few, features as they like as well as change colour schemes or enlarge individual buttons. The touch screen can support up to any 8 languages of your choice.

Customise your centrifuge to meet your requirements

The Blue Force 12L R can be customised to suit your needs. Options include, but are not limited to:

  • Internal, hydraulic jacking system
  • Indicator tower to display the status of the instrument
  • Up to 8 languages can be stored on the touch screen

Ergonomic Design

With the control panel located at the front of the centrifuge, the user can effortlessly operate the centrifuge and minimise musculoskeletal strain. Furthermore, the lid opens up from right to left meaning the user does not have to reach or stretch too much to close the lid.

The front panel has been designed with a cut out so that you can get as close as possible to the centrifuge for loading. The rotors and buckets have been manufactured out of lightweight high grade aluminium whch are much lighter than conventional buckets. This comes as a relief to users who have to regularly load and unload the rotor and buckets for decontamination.

Easy to manoeuvre and relocate

When fitted with the optional internal hydraulic jacking system, relocation of the centrifuge could’t be simpler. Simply turn the handle and the whole centrifuge rises allowing the user to effortlessly move the centrifuge. Turn the handle in the other direction and the centrifuge lowers itself. No need for a pallet truck and no need to re-adjust the anchor feet. In addition to this, the Blue Force 12L R is equipped with four, large, multi-directional nylon castors, making it easier to move when relocating.

Safety Features

Every MSE centrifuge is built with the safety of the user in mind and the Blue Force 12L R is no exception. Safety features include:

  • Out of balance cut out
  • Automatic rotor recognition
  • Over speed protection
  • Multi-point, automatic lid lock
  • Reinforced guard ring
  • Keypad lock
  • Motor and chamber over temperature cut outs
  • Case and lid made of high grade steel and aluminium
  • Disruption tested to ensure safety
  • Conforms to safety standard BS EN 61010


Max speed 4,700 rpm
Max RCF 7,630 xg
Speed Control Range 1-4,700rpm
Speed Control Accuracy 1 rpm
Speed display ±10 rpm
Selectable Temperatur Range −20°C to +40°C
Temperatur Control Range ±2°C
Programme store 100
Timer Range 1 sec to 99 hours 59 mins 59 secs
Time Hold/Continuous
Power Requirements 360V-415V, 32 Amp, 3 phase + N, 50/60Hz


Height 1,250mm
Width 810mm
Depth 980mm
Weight 390kg

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All MSE centrifuges comply with the latest European safety and environmental standards. Our ISO 9001 certification is testament to the quality of our products and our commitment to continually improve them. Our centrifuges are also fully RoHS compliant and our UK service engineers are SAFE Contractor approved.