Harrier 18/80R

Bench-top centrifuge for routine laboratory use with refrigeration

The Harrier 18/80R is the refrigerated version of the Harrier 15/80 centrifuge. A successor of the popular Mistral 2000 range, the Harrier 18/80R is a bench-top centrifuge designed for routine laboratory use where refrigeration is needed. As you would expect from any MSE centrifuge, the Harrier 18/80R represents excellent value for money in terms of performance, ease of use, safety and reliability.

  • Intelligent Microprocessor Control
  • Inverter Controlled Brushless Motor
  • Automatic Rotor Identification System
  • Set And Run In RCF Or RPM
  • Key Lock Facility
  • Instant RCF Reading
  • Last Run Memory
  • Green Led Display
  • Overspeed Protection System
  • Full Lid Interlock
  • Imbalance Detection System
  • Self Diagnostics
  • Status Indicator
  • CFC – Free Refrigerant Gas (Harrier 18/80R)
  • Fast Efficient Cooling (Harrier 18/80R)
  • Precool Facility (Harrier 18/80R)
  • CFC-Free Insulation (Harrier 18/80R)
  • Simple And Easy To Use
  • Easy To Service
  • Superior Lid Lock Mechanism
  • 9 Acceleration Rates
  • 9 Brake Rates
  • Wide Range Of Accessories
  • All Accessories Fully Autoclavable
  • Sealed Buckets With Porton Down Approval
  • Sealed 24 Place Microtube Rotor Available
  • Language Options Available
  • Selectable Temperature Range -9C To +40C (Harrier 18/80R)

Automatic rotor identification system

The Harrier range of benchtop centrifuges incorporates an automatic rotor identification system. This important feature ensures that the centrifuge recognises the rotor in use and prevents it from being used beyond its safe maximum speed. As the centrifuge identifies the rotor in use, it can also work out the ‘g’ force at any set speed. This means the centrifuge can convert rpm to ‘g’ and vice versa once in use.

Microprocessor controlled induction drive

The Harrier range utilises an induction motor for maintenance free long life operation. This motor has no carbon brushes so not only is there no need for routine maintenance but there is no build-up of carbon dust inside the centrifuge. This makes it suitable for use in clean environments. Microprocessor control combined with the frequency driven motor ensures accurate operation for run to run reproducibility.

Refrigerated version available

The Harrier 18/80R refrigerated benchtop centrifuge combines all the capabilities of the proven Harrier 15/80 in a refrigerated format. The selectable temperature range is from −9 to +40 degrees celsius and uses CFC–free R134a refrigerant gas. This means that in refrigerant terms, the Harrier 18/80R complies with all the regulations pertaining to the Montreal Protocol. A precool facility allows the bowl to be cooled to the required temperature prior to use.

High speed microtube rotor

The use of the induction motor provides another benefit in that higher rotational speeds can be achieved. This allows the Harrier range to have a maximum speed in excess of 15,000 rpm with the 24 place microtube rotor. In the case of the Harrier 18/80R refrigerated centrifuge, the microtube rotor can achieve speeds of up to 18,000 rpm giving a maximum ‘g’ force of 28,980 g. See rotor table for details.

Wide range of accessories available

For routine benchtop work, the 4 x 200ml swing out rotor and 200ml sealed buckets are available on the Harrier 18/80R refrigerated centrifuge. This uses the same 200ml buckets as used on the Harrier 15/80 but with an increased speed capability of 6,000 rpm giving a maximum g force of 6,466 g. These, combined with a wide range of adaptors, can accommodate most manufacturers’ tubes. In addition to the swing-out rotor, other angle rotors and specialist rotors are available. Please see tables for details.


Max speed Swing-out Rotor 6,000 rpm
Max RCF Swing-out Rotor 6,500 xg
Max speed Angle Rotor 6,500 rpm
Max RCF Angle Rotor 5,574 xg
Max speed Microtube Rotor 18,000 rpm
Max RCF Microtube Rotor 28,980 xg
Max bottle size 200ml
Max capacity 800ml
Speed Control Range 1-18,000rpm
Speed Control Accuracy 1 rpm
Speed display ±10 rpm
Selectable Temperatur Range −9°C to +40°C
Temperatur Control Range ±2°C
Timer Range 1 sec to 99 hours 59 mins 59 secs
Time Hold/Continuous
Power Requirements 220-240V AC, 50/60Hz
110-120V AC, 50/60Hz


Height 355mm
Width 670mm
Depth 580mm
Weight 65kg

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All MSE centrifuges comply with the latest European safety and environmental standards. Our ISO 9001 certification is testament to the quality of our products and our commitment to continually improve them. Our centrifuges are also fully RoHS compliant and our UK service engineers are SAFE Contractor approved.